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Granite Noir – Travel from Aberdeen across the world

  • Submitted: 21st February 2021

Granite Noir Weekend

I’ve had a great time this weekend travelling to Aberdeen, a dark forest in Sweden, Iceland, Norway and..well the list was endless to be honest. At a time when we can’t travel for real, book festivals being one of those places, it’s great when the festival can come to us.

The authors and panels were varied and very insightful! I couldn’t catch all of them live, so headed over to Facebook to catch up. What a treat.  A few highlights BookTrail wise were…

 Jo Nesbo – Booktrail  Jo Nesbo novels here

Granite Noir - Travel from Aberdeen across the world

King of Crime fiction Jo Nesbo

 Jo Nesbo – Booktrail  Jo Nesbo novels here

I’ve read most of the Harry Hole novels so I was very interested to listen to Jo. I was slightly distracted by the wonderful bookcase in the background and his jaunty cap – both of which I loved – but the panel was brilliant. Expertly chaired by Jacky Collins of Newcastle Noir fame, this was insightful and interesting.  Jo is an author I’ve admired for years so this was a treat indeed. However, I’ve still not forgiven him for scaring me senseless with The Snowman, but apart from that….

I didn’t realise he hasn’t spent a  winter in Oslo for many years as he likes to go to Thailand and go rock climbing!

Will Dean = BookTrail Will Dean novels here

Granite Noir - Travel from Aberdeen across the world

Panel with Will Dean so there’s trees in the background

BookTrail Will Dean novels here

Next panel I watched was because top author Wil Dean was on it. I love authors who are relatively new and who have had great success, help others. This panel was entitled Pay It Forward. Will Dean was the one I wanted to watch in particular since his Tuva Moodyson novels set in Sweden are some of my favourites, and very popular on The BookTrail.

I watched the session with trees in my eyeline as Will’s books are set in woods and he himself lives in a cabin surrounded by them. Spooky or comforting?

A great series to read to take you to those dark Swedish forests…

Camilla Läckberg – Booktrail  Camilla Läckberg novels here

Granite Noir - Travel from Aberdeen across the world

Swedish crime fiction queen Camilla Lackberg

Camilla Läckberg – Booktrail  Camilla Läckberg novels here

No surprises to learn that Camilla is one of my favourite Swedish authors. I’ve read all of her novels but when you hear her talk, you know you’re going to find out something you didn’t know. Her love of food for one!

She’s got some super new projects on the go – a TV show currently at the top of the charts in Sweden and a new crime series with another writer! Currently making headlines in the book world in Sweden too so just wait until it spreads like a crime fiction pebble in the world pond!

There’s more Fjällbacka novels coming too!

Granite Noir - Travel from Aberdeen across the world

Stina Jackson, Eva Bjorg Aegisdottir,
Lesley Kara,

Scandi Noir next –  Travel to locations in Stina Jackson novels here

Discover the locations of Eva Björg Ægisdóttir  novels here

Last but not least, this was a great panel with two Scandi writers and the lovely Lesley Kara.  I met Lesley at Harrogate once and helped launch her debut novel so it was lovely to see her again!. The subject was revenge and it was very interesting to hear the various viewpoints and the different attitudes to it in Sweden, USA, Iceland and England. Three very different writers who created a panel that was like sitting with three good friends and enjoying all the various viewpoints.

Thank you Granite Noir for a top weekend of travelling to crime fiction hotspots!

Susan x

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