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#TravelTuesday – Books on a Train

  • Submitted: 14th November 2017

There’s been some great train journeys in books. Perhaps the most famous is Murder on the Orient Express recently made into a Hollywood movie. But let’s not forget about railways in other novels whether it be murder aboard, strange passengers or a lovely historical ride into the past?

The Railway Girls

Bringing the famous Settle to Carlisle railway to life – this is the story of how that all started, how it affected the landscape and the people living on it. Exciting days for some but not for others.Still, its interesting to go back in time and see how the railways shaped our land and lives. STories about the railways in the early days are always fascinating to read about and travelling back in time on a steam train is a real treat.


Murder on the Orient Express

A posh train this one. Perhaps the poshest one there is. A murder takes place on the journey when the train gets snowed in and has to stop in the middle of nowhere. Of course in the latest episode, Johnny Depp is on the train so not all bad but if you prefer you can travel back in time with Albert Finney and the crew on board the film made in 1974. The book stands the test of time whenever you travel with it. Timeless it is.

Books set on a train

Girl on the Train

We’ve all done it haven’t we? Looked out of a  train window and peeked into people’s houses, imagined who lives there, what they are doing….You would not want to be on this train with this girl however. She’s a bit unstable to say the least and gets herself into a whole heap of trouble. There’s a suspicious something found on the track, and the other passengers seem dodgy according to her but it’s a journey which leads to a shocking destination!


Ticket to Oblivion

Speaking of shocking destinations, this one definately is! Two women on a train on the way to Oxford seem to disappear when the train goes through a tunnel? A cosy crime mystery this one, from the master of train mysteries, the Railway Detective himself. There’s a whole series to enjoy as well. With a hot chocolate sitting in a railway waiting room…


A true story and areal weepy this one! A journey on a train which quite literally changes everything in one little boy’s life. It’s a shocking story, heartbreaking and poignant all at once.See the film too, as if you’ve any tears left after reading the book, it’s really good. This is a book that will stay with you and show how one moment, one journey can change your life for ever..


More books set on trains here – (planes and automobiles too)

All aboard!


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