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The Peirene Translation Prize

  • Submitted: 24th October 2018

There’s a new Award on the bloc, and it’s one The BookTrail is very excited about – It’s the Peirene Stevns Award for Translators. NEW Translators who wish to enter the complex and challenging field of Literary translation.

Peirene Press Translation Prize

Peirene Press Translation Prize


Translation is the life blood of Peirene Press. We also think it is a necessary art form in the world we live in. Translation opens borders and enables us to travel across the world through words.

For new translators securing a first translation can be difficult. It can take years of dedicated hard work and half the battle is simply trying to convince a publisher – who tends to commission seasoned translators – to trust your work. This is where the Peirene Stevns Translation Prize comes in.

Open to all translators without a published novel, this prize not only looks to award great translation, it hopes to raise the profile of translated literature while offering a new translator the opportunity to see their work in print. This is the only translation prize that results in the publication of a full novel – read on to find out how you can enter!


The Prize

The winner of the Peirene Stevns Translation prize 2019 will receive £3500, a writer’s retreat in the Pyrenees and the publication of a full translated novel in 2020!

The winner will be announced on the 1st of March with the residency taking place between the 18th May and the 20th July 2019.


How to Enter

Please submit a full sample translation of this first chapter of Neve, Cane, Piede alongside a CV to the submissions@peirenepress.com email address. You must also be a subscriber of Peirene Books to enter (this is instead of an entry fee) and can do that here:  peirenepress.com/shop/subscribe/subscribe/

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