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The King’s Witches set in SCOTLAND

  • Submitted: 5th June 2024

Historical fiction about witch trials – Kate Foster

The King’s Witches set in SCOTLAND – there are a lot of books about witch trials in and around the UK – but if you want a fresh look, a unique look, then this is the book for you. Straight from the hands of the writer of The Maiden – this too is a true story woven with fictional strands to create a whole new reading experience.

Map of locations in The King’s Witches

The King's Witches set in Scotland and Denmark


Destination : Edinburgh/Copenhagen

Author guide: Kate Foster

Genre: historical

Food and drink to accompany: Food fit for a king!




A novel to transport you to the Scottish Witch trials


Map of locations in The King’s Witches

A unique take on the witch trials in North Berwick. This time, there’s a royal element – notably the involvement of the King of Scotland in the scandal which followed.

Another haunting and captivating novel from Kate Foster, based on true historical events – the North Berwick witch trials and King James VI of Scotland involvement. Basically he was obsessed with the so called witches and was convinced his throne was in danger because of them. What he did next was so awful, it’s hard to imagine. Even when I was reading some of the torture the women suffered, I couldn’t believe it. The author has done a sterling job getting the level of reveal just right, but my imagination filled in the gruesome rest.

The subplot with Princess Anna of Denmark was interesting and detracted nicely from what was going on behind the scenes. Her love of a man at court who is not the king, puts her on the list of people who are in danger. I found this story, with that of the witches viewpoint, a nice contrast.

Kate Foster showed in The Maiden, how women were treated, what society thought of women and how they fared in day to day life. This novel takes that one step further and shows their inner pain and struggles. The struggles of women just on the side-lines of history as it were – such as Kirsten Sorenson who is the lady in waiting of the new Queen.

The voices of these women, caught up in the hysteria around witchcraft at the time are captivating listening. The author has brought them back to life.

An astounding read.

Map of locations in The King’s Witches


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