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The Ghost of Frederic Chopin set in Prague

  • Submitted: 13th May 2021

A story of Prague and the ghost of Frederic Chopin

Prague, 1995: Vera Foltynova, a widow in her late 50s, claims to receive visits from the ghost of great composer Frederic Chopin. What’s more, this is based on real fact, a real woman who claimed this very thing. Well, that was me intrigued!

It’s from the Walter Presents people, so you know it’s going to be good….

The Ghost of Frederic Chopin set in Prague

Setting:  Prague and a musical setting

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Prague is the setting for this story inspired by true fact.

Prior to reading this, I had no idea there actually was a woman in real life who believed she had been visited by the ghosts of famous composers,  Chopin being one of them. I thought this fantastical and crazy but this intrigued me. When you have a Walter Presents book in your hands, you know this is going to be interesting.

BookTrail destination is Prague. The city is well evoked as we cross the city as the investigators to in order to meet this woman who claims she can see ghosts. The Prague of the 1990s is well suited to this story with its ‘stuck in the past’ vibe and the old fashioned feel of it all. Why would a long dead composer decide to come back and visit anyone least of all a regular woman?

This is a slow read but one which builds to a great level of interest. It’s a bizarre investigation so the style of the slow and steady prose lends itself well to this. You keep wondering what is going on and what is the truth in all this. The characters are fun and quirky. Meanwhile, I kept having to remind myself that this is based on true fact.

Another treat from the Walter Presents studios. Recommended.

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