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The BookTrail Birthday Competition

  • Submitted: 26th January 2020

It’s The BookTrail’s Birthday this week and so why not celebrate? It’s all about the books and reading, great stories and bookish memories.

I can’t believe it’s been four years since this site launched. It’s been such a blast discovering new books, new authors, new places to explore via novels and the chance to see a place you know well in a new light. Seeing a place through the eyes of an author and their characters can be quite the experience and it’s lovely to get messages from readers, authors and travellers alike who love to travel literary style!

So – a chance to say thank you and offer some travel packages for you to win:


Featuring two books to help you appreciate the great outdoors. A nature book about the great sky and the stars we sometimes miss if we live in cities, and a novel about a journey in a camper van up to see the Northern Lights!

The books come in a suitcase with sweets, a star smelling perfume, a starry bracelet or bookmark! and a surprise…

BookTrail Birthday Competition

Suitcase 3 – The Star Travel Package



This suitcase comes packed with things to make you shiver. The Whisper Man is chilly and scary with a man who seems intent on whispering into children’s ears…and then there’s the house on the lake where there are things happening which can not be explained.

To ease your fears and to comfort you, there’s a chocolate orange and a few sweets from your childhood to take you back to  a safe place. On second thoughts, don’t eat them whilst reading The Whisperman…There’s a Double Dip of horror and sweetness here!

BookTrail Birthday Competition

Suitcase 3 – The Horror Package



Sometimes all you want a book to do is to take you back to a time where things were simpler. There’s a lovely tram ride in one of these novels and in A Tale of Two Sisters, there’s a ride on the Orient Express so plenty of time to sit back and relax. All with sweets from yesteryear. Plus a surprise!

BookTrail Birthday Competition

Suitcase 3 – The Saga Package

All you have to do for a chance to enter:



Send your email address via the contact page – with the name of the package you would like.

If you state we can sign up for the weekly newsletter then there will be an extra surprise in your package!


Please put your country of residence on the entry. I’m doing a poll of where entries come from. The competition is open internationally. 

Open until  February 2nd at 5pm


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