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Swedish Feelgood Fiction – Camilla Davidsson

  • Submitted: 24th November 2023

Swedish Feelgood Fiction – Camilla Davidsson

Sweden is well known for its Noir of course but I would recommend looking into its huge range of feelgood fiction. There is an annual festival every year of all FeelGood fiction but this doesn’t get the same level of publicity outside of Scandinavia. It should!

BookTrail the locations in Alla himlar bär ditt namn

Swedish Feelgood Fiction - Camilla Davidsson


Boarding Pass Information : Alla himlar bär ditt namn

Destination : Sweden/Spain

Author guide: Camilla Davidsson

Genre: feelgood!

Food and drink to accompany: Meatballs, tapas and cheese!




A novel to transport you to various places

BookTrail the locations in Alla himlar bär ditt namn

This is a heart-warming novel and a very interesting one location wise! We start off in Fårö where Emma fled after fearing burnout in her previous job. She’s happy for a while. Life seems idyllic with running a charming cute guesthouse right by the sea. However, she is soon drawn back home to Stockholm

Her friends welcome her back but she’s still feeling at a loss as to what to do next. So, when one of her friends suggests walking the famous Camino de Santiago path in Spain, she jumps at the chance. She has a thing for Spain and this region in particular so she looks forward to going back.

This is such a heart-warming read about finding your path in life and being happy. Getting over obstacles and finding a smoother path in life is such a lovely message and it’s written in such a lovely way.

Camilla is a very popular writer in Sweden. Known for her comfort reads that really make you think as they resonate with something key in most people’s lives. I really enjoyed this one and think her covers are some of the cosiest and most welcoming I have seen in a long while.

Aah this novel was good. A journey in more ways than one and it left me with a warm feeling and a desperate need to go on that pilgrimage in Spain.

BookTrail the locations in Alla himlar bär ditt namn


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BookTrail Boarding Pass:Alla himlar bär ditt namn

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