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Sunday Brunch – Bookshops reopening

  • Submitted: 11th April 2021

The Big Day #ChooseBookshops

Sunday Brunch – Bookshops reopening – In England, bookworms everywhere are excited. Bookshops across the land are opening their doors and people are sitting wondering what they are going to buy. I wonder about the books themselves though. How have they been feeling during this period or periods of lockdown? I imagine they are excited as we are. How have they coped with being cooped up with no people coming in to stroke their spines, ruffle their pages and pick them up and buy them?

Sunday Brunch - Bookshops reopening

Sunday Brunch – Bookshops reopening

Bookshops and their magical booksellers who work in them have been marvellous during these tough times. They’ve been working like little book elves taking orders on the phone or online, picking the little books from the shelves or ordering them and packing them off with a mini packlunch probably as they pop the books off to their new homes.

Sunday Brunch - Bookshops reopening

@LittleToller bookshop with illustrations by @EllaBurfoot

Like every bookworm everywhere, I have more books than I know what to do with. I will never run out of books to read. However, not being able to pop into a bookshop to browse, be inspired or just meet old friends sitting on the shelves has been such a big loss.

Sunday Brunch - Bookshops reopening

@Forumbooks Corbridge

Browsing for books is my literary comfort food, my happy place and my time to relax. The very act of walking into a store with all those books just waiting for me, is a feeling like no other. The power of browsing and the allure of that purchase is ….all my dreams come true.

Sunday Brunch - Bookshops reopening

@CogitoBooks Hexham opens Tuesday 13th.

Books have been my saviour this year and last. More than usual. Booksellers are the magic men and women who have gone above and beyond to keep the nation reading and those books travelling. Thanks to them, I’ve never stopped booktrailing and discovering new literary travelling delights.

Sunday Brunch - Bookshops reopening

Sunday Brunch – Bookshops reopening

Literary travel is all about travelling from the comfort of your armchair when you can’t go for real. During these tricky times, more than ever, I’ve never felt the power of books and literary travel as strong as now.

Forum Books

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Thank you all booksellers. Tomorrow is a monumental day and the world, although still strange, feels a little more normal once again.

Susan x

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