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Second Chance Holiday Club – Isle of Wight – Kate Galley

  • Submitted: 21st November 2022

An interesting premise this one with a character who is not your usual protagonist. Evelyn is an ‘ older woman’ and has recently lost her husband. When she discovers a shocking truth about him and a letter addressed to someone on the Isle of Wight in his things, she decides to go on a journey of discovery, deliver this letter and heal at the same time.

She discovers a lot more than she imagined….

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Boarding Pass Information:  Isle of Wight 

Author guide: Kate Galley

Genre: humour and romance

Food and drink to accompany: fish and Isle of Wight specialities

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Ah Evelyn Pringle. She’s older than the usual protagonist in books but she’s different. Made from a different mould. She’s got the odd ache and pain and is griefing her late husband, but she takes comfort in memories of her marriage. However, when she finds out that her husband was not the man she thought she knew, she flees to escape her life for a while and heads to the Isle of Wight.

It was nice to go to the Isle of Wight. Not Bali or somewhere exotic for this journey of discovery. The Isle of Wight made it seem more real and accessible which worked well. There’s a fun journey getting to the island, and navigating the roads and ice cream shops! Wait until she gets to the Needles and meets the locals there.

She is there to take a letter, one she found with her husband’s things and ensure it gets to the addressee. So, this trip is both healing and very symbolic. i was cheering her on from the start and felt humbled she had invited me to go with her. You really do get to know Evelyn Pringle. I admit that name gave me such mental images that I had to go and buy a certain crisp in a tube before I had finished the book.

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The thread of friendship and taking control of your life was a nice one in this book. The women she met on the coach to the Isle of Wight was a joy to read! Cynthia and Joy (apt name) I got an insight into what older woman could go through, but realised that this could be women of any age. What matters is the spirit inside them and a sense of sisterhood.

I was immediately on Evelyn’s side and marvelled at how she dealt with her husband’s death and subsequent discovery. Ms Pringle, you have taken me to the Isle of Wight but shown me what a true journey of discovery is all about.

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