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Reading Ireland Month

  • Submitted: 1st March 2017

It’s Reading Ireland month over at 746 books and Niall from The Fluff is Raging and they’re asking readers and travellers alike to get involved by  sending and tweeting ideas of books written by Irish writers and books set in Ireland.

Well, this sounded like a challenge and so here’s a few suggestions of books you might want to read on the map below. There’s going to be more added as the month goes on so by the end there should be quite a few on there. So, you’ll have no excuse to not have read a book by an amazing Irish author or one which evokes the lush green land and the bustling Irish cities.


This is the video they both made to give you a flavour of what to expect:

Reading Ireland Month trailer

Join in the conversation on Facebook or on Twitter with our hashtags #readireland17 or #begorrathon17

Read a book then tell us all about it – and we’ll pop them on this map.

Enjoy and happy reading Ireland!


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