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Quirky book set in a care home

  • Submitted: 12th April 2024

The Night in Question – Susan Fletcher

Why did I want to read this novel? It’s about a woman called Florence Butterfield who has lived an extraordinary life full of travel, passion and adventure. She’s in her eighties now and looking back at her eventful time on the planet. I loved Florence before I even met her!

Map of locations in The Night in Question


Destination : A care home called Babbington Hall

Author guide: Susan Fletcher 

Genre: fiction

Food and drink to accompany: cupcakes and tea!




A novel to transport you to a care home with heart

Map of locations in The Night in Question

Florence Butterfield is a well travelled woman so I immediately loved her! She’s in her eighties and looking back on her life. This was very emotional as she visited memory lane. Sadly she can’t look after herself as she gets older as she had an accident and lost a leg! I was in bits before I got through a few chapters to be honest!

Babbington Hall is the home she moves into after selling her beloved house called Far End. The fact she named her house is just aaaah.  It’s here where she spends time thinking about the past and where she meets new friends. The care home location was lovely as it gave a really nice image of the way of life, the residents and the friendship here. When something happens, Florence or Florrie as they call her, joins forces with Stanhope, another resident there to get to the bottom of it. I couldn’t help Stanhope was Ann Cleeves’ Vera  Stanhope in disguise and this gave an added angle to proceedings!

This is a great novel for characterisation and for feeling that you  can make friendships and connections in the strangest of places. Babbington Hall was evoked with style and a lot of lovely detail. It was very colourful and vividly drawn.

The Night in Question when I met Florrie is one I shall never forget.

Map of locations in The Night in Question


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