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Melissa Hill brings some sparkle to New York

  • Submitted: 6th December 2015

Melissa Hill celebrates Christmas on the booktrail!DIAMOND 2

Melissa Hill, author extraordinaire has returned to the booktrail to talk about the magic of Christmas and the sparkle that this season can bring.

Melissa-hill-and-homer the dog

Melissa Hill and her beloved Homer

And I’ve just read her latest book which celebrates everything to recreate the perfect snowy magical atmosphere at Christmas – a nice wedding in Central Park in Snowy New York with the twinkly lights, the promise of true love and a sparkling Tiffany diamond to light up the magic factor.

So I wanted to ask her more about what Christmas means to her and why this time of year is so special…

Apart from a diamond, what else do you think is a girl’s best friend?

This book is dedicated to the memory of my beloved pet dog Homer, who died while I was writing it. He was fifteen years old and was with me throughout so many highs and lows. As I mentioned in the dedication he was my best friend, better than any diamond, and I still miss him desperately.

Two stories – those of Rachel and Gary and then Ethan and Terri intertwine with unexpected results. Two very different stories. Which was the most fun to write?

Gary’s and Rachel’s – purely because Gary is such a love/hate character! Like many Irish men, he puts up this macho front which is why he’s so difficult for Rachel to read, and he finds it difficult to express his feelings, but is ultimately a softie inside.

Sunset Christmas (c) Melissa Hill

Sunset Christmas (c) Melissa Hill

Where is your special place at Christmas and why?

Somewhat untraditional really, but my family and I have spent our last three Christmases at a beach house on the Gulf Coast in Florida and it’s incredibly beautiful and relaxing there.

Stunning Christmas Eve sunsets, followed by celebratory drinks by the pool, then walks on the powder-white sandy beach on Christmas morning alongside the local dolphin ‘family’, followed by Christmas dinner on the terrace beneath blue skies and palm trees. Again, quite untraditional but very definitely jolly!

Life should be fun of sparkle you say on the cover. Which sparkling restaurant or unusual place in New York would you recommend readers visit to capture the spirit of your book?

I adore the Central Park Boathouse, where Gary and Rachel’s wedding takes place in the book. It sits right in the heart of that gloriously green space with Manhattan’s breath-taking skyline all around. In summer the front of the restaurant opens up to a wonderfully romantic view right across the water and people (usually couples) rowing boats on the lake. It’s the perfect location to celebrate a special occasion and to my mind, there’s really nowhere better to capture the true magic of the city.

With many thanks to Melissa for a perusal and use of her lovely photo album of happy and poignant memories. And the cake with diamond frosting we enjoyed was a lovely touch!

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