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Lovers and Liars Saga set in Portofino

  • Submitted: 6th February 2024

The Hotel Portofino Lovers and Liars – JP O’Connell

It’s rainy here in England, so I fancied a holiday in a nice hotel in Italy. Portofino? Well, why not?

There’s already one package holiday set here  –Hotel Portofino –  but now there are lovers and liars involved so I AM THERE!

Map of locations in Hotel Portofino Lovers and Liars

Lovers and Liars Saga set in Portofino


Destination : Portofino

Author guide: JP O’Connell

Genre: historical saga

Food and drink to accompany: The best wine and olives!




A novel to transport you to Portofino


Map of locations in Hotel Portofino Lovers and Liars

Following on from The Hotel Portofino, we are back at the hotel and Bella is now head of the hotel empire. The sun shines from the first page and it’s an Italian delight as the water shimmers, the hotel sheets are pressed and the guests start to arrive. One of these guests is Bella’s son Lucian. Bella has plans to change part of the hotel and introduce a spa. I thought that sounded very nice!

A young man called Lucian, a spa in an Italian hotel? Well, that all sounds nice but then someone called Cecil turns up. The DAD no less. Their relationship is interesting to say the least.

It’s all about surprising guests who just turn up and then life changes accordingly. A travel guide inspector turning up might just be the best or most awkward uninvited guest yet. However, by the end of the book, it was a close call!

This was a nice, sunny follow up to The Hotel Portofino and the setting was wonderfully evoked. I realise this is on telly now but the book just evokes the setting with style. It’s a calm, gentle novel for the most part – like Downton Abbey in the sun, and that was just what I needed!

Now, where’s my glass of Pinot Grigio?

Map of locations in Hotel Portofino Lovers and Liars


Postcard details:  Access The BookTrail’s Map of Locations and travel guide here

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