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Learning Swedish with Pippi Longstocking

  • Submitted: 1st July 2012

Pippi LongstockingNow some people may laugh, but I have a very particular way of teaching myself a language and that is to read children’s books. Not only does it have a relatively easy vocabulary at first (good when learning), I like to read the stories the children of that country have been brought up on. My favourite childhood books have had a very huge impact on me as an adult so why not do the same in another language I thought? Beats reading the textbooks or grammar books any day!

In Sweden, Pippi Longstocking is a lovely but cheeky little girl who lives in a house called Villa Villekulla with her monkey (Mr Nilsson) and her horse (Lilla Gubben or little friend. There are no adults living with her and so her and her frinds have many lovely adventures.

Well I read her book, and I have to admit I read the other ones too and I visited the house in Gotland and the museum in Djurgården in Stockholm. It made me laugh, smile to myself and discover parts and places in Sweden I may not have found had it not been for Pippi. Learning Swedish with Pippi Longstocking is great fun. She’s just the best teacher any one can have

So thanks Pippi. A woman, or should I say a girl after my own heart.


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