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If books be the food of love, read on

  • Submitted: 25th August 2012

Words leave imprints on the mind like footprints in the sand. I have this line as my ‘mantra’ on my blog as its simply something I believe in very strongly.  A book is like a good friend to me – very good company, can cause laughter and tears, leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed, and take you back to happier and simpler times. A true friend indeed.

Book love

And it’s something I have always believed to be true. Some people have music as the soundtracks of their lives and certain songs recall university days or when you met your partner. For me it’s more often than not a book that recalls such vivid memories

A book you have loved is not only a friend at the time but is a friend for life. A particular favourite of mine was The Tiger Who Came To Tea by Judith Kerr. How I wanted that tiger to come to my house! I even remember being keen to go to the supermarket with my mum to see if we could buy a can of Tiger food just like the girl did in the book. Ah the joy of childhood innocence!

As I got a bit older, The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton got my through glandular fever. Of course my lovely mum had something to do with it too, but I read several of the books in the series and forgot my sickness as I visited the lands at the top of that tree.

Jane Eyre is a particular novel that captivated me as I read it for A level English and it being such a favourite, I have it in several languages and use it as a guide that I have reached a good level in that language.

In Canada, I discovered Margaret Atwood and so got very familiar with the Indigo bookstore and the Canadian post office as I boxed up books to send home. I discovered Prince Edward Island thanks to Anne of Green Gables, a different side of Paris thanks to The Da Vinci Code and discovered a darker side to Sweden with Camilla Lackberg and her crime thrillers.

I’ve also meant some interesting people and have many signatures inside books which date their place in my history. I remember meeting Christer Fuglesang, the first Swedish citizen in space, in Stockholm in 2007 and  in 1997, I met Ernest Lageson, son of one of the guards at Alcatraz when the escape attempts of 1946 were made. Both fascinating accounts of history.

That’s why although I can’t get rid of books, I exchange them at Barter Books whereby they give you credit for books you take in which you can spend on books in their store.

So by exchanging books I  get to exchange ideas, relive memories and learn to bond with others. Now isn’t that what true friendship is all about?

If books be the food of love, read on


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