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Hello Again set in 3 European cities – Isabelle Broom

  • Submitted: 4th June 2020

Hello Again Lisbon, Hamburg and Barcelona

Two journeys for the price of one in this novel! Literary guide extraordinare Isabelle Broom takes readers around Lisbon, Hamburg and Barcelona. Josephine is on a memory trail and is visiting the places she needs to in order to remember the past. Pepper on the other hand is her travel companion and is hoping to escape in more ways than one.

What to find in this literary escape? Romance, pain, loss, friendship and so much more. Seriously there is no better time to read this book!

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Hello Again set in 3 European cities - Isabelle Broom

Setting: A European city tour – Lisbon, Hamburg and Barcelona!

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There’s never been a better time than a literary getaway courtesy of Isabelle Broom. Ah this writer is wonderful for weaving wanderlust-inducing locations with heartwarming and heartbreaking plots.

Hello, Again is quite the literary journey! We follow Pepper as she goes on a journey in more ways than one.She’s had a bad time of it lately and has only just existed really since a tragedy in her family. Enter good friend Josephine who asks her to be her travel companion as she wants to revisit countries where certain memories have been left behind. (Josephine can I just say I am available for any such travel!) Where does Josephine want to travel  to and why? What will the journeys  mean for Pepper?

From then on, Isabelle takes us on a tour of Lisbon, Hamburg and Barcelona to seek out Josephine’s trail of memories. This in itself is a lovely story and sad too, about why she’s travelling around like this and the effect it’s having on her. Pepper is enjoying the travelling as an escape but it won’t be long before she has more than escaping to think about.

Hello Again set in 3 European cities - Isabelle Broom

BookTrail Travel to the locations Hello, Again

Ooh dare I say more? What a wonderful story of two women travelling together with one following a trail of memories whilst the other makes new ones.Two very strong stories woven together with a writer whose skills is evident on every page. Each place, practically every ‘scene’ she paints comes to life right off that page. I felt I was wandering the streets in Lisbon and walking down La Rambla in Barcelona. It was Germany that provided the best surprise though! The locations moved the stories on, shaped them, coloured them and gave clues as to the stories of the characters themselves. I like to think of each place in the novel like a postcard – Isabelle showed a wonderful images of each city, but behind it, on the other side, you could read between the lines and see how these places were affecting the characters. That stamp then linked their journey to the story and family they had left behind.

Ok so enough of the postcard analogy, this was just such a cleverly woven plot and style of writing that I want to read this all over again. Would Pepper find romance? Would Josephine complete her trail? Oh I was there every step of the way. I miss them now I’ve closed the book.

I might have to go back in. Hello, Again as it’s name suggests could also be titled Read, Again.

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