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French novel Vert Comme L’Enfer set in Quebec – Isabelle Gregoire

  • Submitted: 1st December 2023

Vert Comme L’Enfer – Isabelle Gregoire

Another book by Isabelle Gregoire but this one isn’t set in Quebec really. There are two threads to this story over two timelines and we have one woman in Canada and the other who heads out to the Amazon. But it’s the story in the Amazon that really shone for me. These two women were very different but fascinating characters and their stories are linked. How? Well, I was very keen to find out!

BookTrail the locations in Vert Comme L’Enfer

French novel Vert Comme L'Enfer set in Quebec - Isabelle Gregoire


Boarding Pass Information : Vert comme L’Enfer

Destination : Quebec and the Amazon

Author guide: Isabelle Gregoire

Genre: French fiction

Food and drink to accompany: Fruit from the Amazon and Quebec maple syrup




BookTrail the locations in Ville Comme L’Enfer

A novel to transport you to two countries at once!

BookTrail the locations in Vert Comme L’Enfer

This is quite the puzzle ! Two women who seem very different from each other. Two women living in different countries and different times. But their stories are going to link? Well, I was poised to find out how and what a reading experience this was!

With her first book I read, Fille de Fer, Isabelle took me to the chilly and remote Quebec landscape. This time I spent a bit of time in Quebec but then thrust into the hot and humid Amazon rainforest! French Guyana was a fascinating place to visit here and to be honest I was that excited, I wasn’t too bothered about plot – until everything kicked off and I was captivated in more ways than one!

The setting in French Guyana was astounding – the story of the penal colony was not something I knew anything about but Isabelle evokes and illustrates this very cleverly and effectively.

I found it fascinating to meet both of these women and hear about the struggles they went through. I had no idea how they were linked but did feel their stories started to merge very cleverly. Both very strong and vivid characters and I felt  I got to know them both very well.

The experiences these women went through were eye opening and I felt very close to both of them and pained for them. Characterisation is very good and the locations add to the story with two very different landscapes  – literally hot and cold – to carry the narrative.

Isabelle is a very expressive writer and I got carried along on her words. So much said in so few words. A powerful read.

BookTrail the locations in Vert Comme L’Enfer


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