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Celebrating World Kid Lit Month

  • Submitted: 29th August 2021

Books for children translated!

September is a great month. The  start of the cooler months, which as all bookworms know, that means cosy nights in reading. What’s even better is that this month is set aside for looking at translated children’s books. What The BookTrail is primarily interested in, are those books written in any language apart from English and then translated into English.

This is SUCH a fascinating part of the book world. Learning a language by reading what the children who are native speakers of that language read, is fascinating. It highlights cultural themes, stories from other cultures and religions, stories children are told from birth etc. You can find out so much about a country and its people from the stories they are fed as children.

Celebrating World Kid Lit Month





WorldKitLitMonth is for everyone

This month celebrates all books for children. The stories you read when young are the ones you carry through for life and so it’s important to widen that early reading experience as much as you can!


How to celebrate

Pick a children’s book translated into English

Review it

What language is the original story?

What is different about the story – culture, food, belief systems etc?


Celebrating World Kid Lit Month

Why WorldKidLit Month is important

We need a broader diversity of languages, especially from non-European languages

Children’s books open up the world to so many more readers – catch them when they are young

We need to promote more children’s books in general from one culture to another

More translated books means more diversity and more inclusivity

It’s fun reading about children and people different to you who live elsewhere

See the world through the eyes of characters you might not normally meet!


So, will you pick a children’s book in another language to read this month? Which one and why?

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