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BookTrail Oscars announced!

  • Submitted: 13th March 2023

The BookTrail Oscars are here! A very excited time in BookWorld. We have the nominees and winners of The BookTrail Oscars. So many books flapping…

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BookTrail Oscars

  • Submitted: 12th March 2023

Books deserve Oscars too It's that time of year again and the red carpet is already laid own. The books have been polished and their…

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Freeze set in the Arctic – Kate Simants

  • Submitted: 20th February 2023

Freeze set in the Arctic - Kate Simants Frozen Out will be the TV sensation of the year. In the harshest Arctic conditions, eight contestants…

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BookTrail Birthday!

  • Submitted: 25th January 2023

It's TheBookTrail's birthday today Let's celebrate with a competition and give away some books! I am always so grateful to everyone who reads and engages…

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Thriller hike set in British Columbia

  • Submitted: 9th January 2023

Hiking in Canada You would be wise to reconsider a camping trip after this. Ha just as well you can travel via fiction and head…

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