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  • Submitted: 28th October 2015

Reading a book is like delving into a fancy dress box of sorts. There’s the fashion of the day, the food and drink, the objects from an historical setting, the music of the past all to savour and enjoy.

That’s what we like to do when we take pictures of our favourites reads  – showcase them in a setting which we create to highlight the essence of the book and story in question

The Tea Planter's Wife at the booktrail

(c) The booktrail

The Tea Planter’s Wife

A story of a woman who moves to be with her husband on a tea plantation in Sri Lanka, a fragrant and mystical setting, only to find that some unexpected events will create a somewhat bitter taste…

The flowers, tea and tea cup represent the flavour of the novel.

(c) thebooktrail

(c) thebooktrail

Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra

There’s a baby elephant who is the star of the show and he comes to life right off the page! We wanted to reflect this in the photo and luckily our book was so evocative that Baby Ganesh just popped out of his own accord.

It took  a while to get him back in mind!


(c) the booktrail

The Blue

A journey on a yacht which turns paradise into hell. Blue idyllic waters turn to cloudy, stormy seas and all the while at least one person on board feels trapped, like they;re inside a ship in a bottle and can’t escape. Travelling is only fun when you know and trust your sailing companions…certainly out in the middle of the ocean.

Susan Booktrailer

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