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Best BookTrail of the Month -May  2024

  • Submitted: 27th May 2024

Best BookTrail of the Month -May  2024

Oh the sunny month of May brought some reading treats

There was one that stole my heart as soon as I read it.

Map of locations in the novel here




There was only one winner to be honest. A novel that is quite unlike any other I have ever read. One that felt fresh, exciting and down right excellent.

Map of locations in the novel here

Historical fiction set in Dickens' London

The plot and opinion: 

Have you ever imagined what happened to Estella in Great Expectations? This author has taken that idea and delved back into the gothic world of  Dickens to really get under Estella’s skin. You’ll be pleased to know that the entire world of Satis House is evoked with such clarity that I thought the author had somehow climbed into Dickens’ head. THIS is definitely her unique creation though – an imagining of what became of Estella, Pip and Miss Havisham.

I GOBBLED this up. You don’t need to have read Great Expectations to understand this, but you will most certainly will get a much greater appreciation of it if you do.

Map of locations in the novel here

Review of Estella’s Revenge here



Congrats Barbara!!


BookTrail Boarding Pass: Estella’s Revenge

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