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Best booktrail of the Month for August 2022

  • Submitted: 2nd September 2022

Best booktrail of the Month for August 2022

The best booktrail of the month for me for August was a book that came out of nowhere and really took me somewhere interesting!

An island escape. Not your usual one. One set on an island north of Ireland that I have never been to before. A couple move there to escape London but the island and the house they move to have different ideas….

BookTrail of the Month

Why this won August’s Book (Trail) of the Month

Set on an island

Very atmospheric

Lots of threads which form a chilling picture

Lovely writing

Drum roll please…..


Travelling to The Couple at Causeway Cottage with Diane Jeffery


The plot: 

Kat and Mark move to an island off the Northern Irish coast for a new beginning. Far away from their frantic life in London, it’s the perfect place to bring up the family they’re longing to start.

But as soon as they arrive, cracks begin to appear…. in their marriage, and in their new life and as for the island itself…

Causeway Cottage might be somewhere to escape from rather than escape to.

Rathlin Island (c) Wikipedia

The nice location:

Rathin Island!

It is Northern Ireland’s northernmost point. Rathlin is the only inhabited offshore island of Northern Ireland and has only around 150 people. It measures  four miles  from east to west, and 2+1⁄2 miles from north to south.

So, small enough to be very claustrophobic!

Travelling to The Couple at Causeway Cottage with Diane Jeffery


Congrats Diane!



BookTrail locations in The Couple at Causeway Cottage

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