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Amuse Bouche trail around France – Carolyn Boyd

  • Submitted: 30th May 2024

Amuse Bouche in France

What you can tell straight away from this book is how much Carolyn loves France and all the food in it. This is a love song to the country and its food in a wonderful book. Be sure to stock up on your food shopping before you read this though as you will be SALVATING.

This book could be responsible for increased visits to French restaurants too.

Map of locations in Amuse Bouche

Amuse Bouche trail around France - Carolyn Boyd


Destination : France

Author guide: Carolyn Boyd

Genre: travel and food

Food and drink to accompany: Well……




A novel to transport you around France


Map of locations in Amuse Bouche

This book is a joy. It’s so much more than a guide to France and a foodie trail around the country. This is an ODE to the country, its people and its culinary history. Having lived in France and worked in various areas, I laughed out loud at some of the very same reactions to food as I have had. It was an utter joy to do some of that journey again and taste some of the local produce as if for the first time.

Imagine going on holiday with your best friend and she takes you to all the best restaurants, cafes, markets and food stalls that only the locals know? Carolyn if you ever need someone to carry all your purchases, I am THERE! Chatting with French locals in a market is one of my favourite pastimes.

Map of locations in Amuse Bouche

Back to the book though – and it could be ten times bigger with all the calories, I mean information stuffed inside. There’s visits to well known places and tasting of food we all think of as French, but there’s loads more courses of food and local shops, local people that you probably won’t have heard of. I still remember my first crepe with chestnut jam and cider in Bourges. Rose jam? wonderful. I don’t eat jam unless I’m in France. There’s just so much to discover with this book and I had written a list of all mu favourite ones but that just made me go out and buy lots of cheese and baguettes as a starter so be warned.

This book captures the spirit and joy of eating and discovering tastes you have only just discovered. Each dish or food tells the story of the region its from and the people who have crafted it over the years, Such a story is a joy to behold. Not only do you travel around France, you discover the hidden depths via what nourishes them each and every day.

Buy this book and take it out with you when having a picnic with all the food you’re going to buy. Handy that there’s a tablecloth on the cover!

Map of locations in Amuse Bouche


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