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A Divine Fury set in Florence

  • Submitted: 3rd June 2024

A Divine Fury set in Florence

Want a literary holiday in Florence? On the trail of a killer?

Be part of one of the best historical series around?

Then you are in luck…..

Map of locations in A Divine Fury

A Divine Fury set in Florence


Destination : Florence

Author guide: D V Bishop

Genre: historical fiction

Food and drink to accompany: Ale and italian fayre




A novel to transport you to Florence


Map of locations in A Divine Fury

This really is one of the most interesting, detailed and atmospheric series of historical fiction I have ever read. I look so forward to the next in the series and I remember the time I first read book one. It’s one of my favourite book memories.

Anyway, I digress. I came to A Divine Fury with such excitement! I was not disappointed whatsoever.

This is a novel that grabs you into its pages and sticks you at the heart of Florence, a city under lockdown with curfews and rules. We are in 1539 and I’m still feeling the heat of the Florence sun from the last book ‘Ritual of Fire’/ Bit less hot this time around, but no less sweaty with all the tension. Cesare Aldo is back in the city, mopping up the drunks and the reprobates.

A Divine Fury set in Florence

Map of locations in A Divine Fury

What I loved about this book is that we go to the heart of the city. The crime scene is none other than the Michelangelo’s statue of David. There’s a body at its base, posed as if crucified. The next day, there’s another body. That’s when things get really interesting. The fact the first body was found at such an iconic and cultural structure gave this novel a unique set up from the start.

Map of locations in A Divine Fury

A Divine Fury is a great way to discover a new side of the city and of Cesare Aldo. This is a city of merchants and the infamous Medici family. Oh the layers of this Florence onion! So much rich detail, a novel with a perfectly pitched pace and characters that honestly feel so real and close to you.

As with the other novels, there is a key puzzle at its heart. I love the insights we get into Cesare Aldo and how his mind works. I love his relationship with Strocchi and could imagine having a beer with them both in one of the Florence inns. We would sit and chat whilst the noise and colour of Florence swirls around outside. I would hope that Contessa Valetine Coltello walked in too – the banter between her and Aldo is a delight!

I felt warm reading this book – something to be savoured. The ending was a nice surprise that I am still thinking about. Aldo is at a crossroads now I feel – come on David – next book please as I can’t wait!

Map of locations in A Divine Fury


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The Florence novels of D V Bishop


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