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A Bookish Adventure as an Ill-mannered Lady

  • Submitted: 18th August 2023

A Bookish Adventure as an Ill-mannered Lady

I don’t normally write reviews until I have finished a book but I have to make an exception for this one as I am having SUCH a blast.

The Benevolent Society of Ill-Mannered Ladies Alison Goodman

BookTrail locations in The Benevolent Society

I’m in the company of two women from Regency England who defy all conventions. They are being blackmailed so head to Vauxhall Gardens to meet their match. Well, that doesn’t go well but before long they are getting into more scraps when they are on their way to a ‘case’ and are accosted by a robber on the highway. They manage to overpower him and have no choice but to pop him in the carriage and take him to the ‘job’.


BookTrail locations in The Benevolent Society

That’s just the start. Sitting beside these ladies I have been dragged from one hansom cab to the other, had to disguise myself in various dubious getups, told lies upon lies and had to think on my feet in a house of ill repute. WHAT A BOOK! I’ve not even finished it but I’m having so much fun I had to share this part of the adventure with you now.

The characters are fun and quirky, the plot races along and the scraps they get into! I can see this working very well on the television on a Sunday night. Regency England never got so much fun! The witty oneliners are spot on and I have been howling many times. It wasn’t done for ladies to be this funny back then!

And wait until you meet Lord Evan…..


I will update with more escapades very soon!



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