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Best BookTrail of the Month -April  2024

  • Submitted: 28th April 2024

Best BookTrail of the Month -April  2024

April gave us some very diverse and interesting reads that took us to libraries, islands and the world of puzzles. All brilliant but one stood out….




Oh the Maldives…need I say more? The location, the way it was evoked and described and the wonderful way the author transported readers there…..

The Guests Nikki smith postcard

Map of locations in the novel here

Review of The Guests here

Very pleased she picked the Maldives as I haven’t been there in real life and I haven’t been here in many books either. I love thrillers where paradise turns bad and Nikki does seem to be the author to paint a  picture of the beach and sea with a black brush!

The sense of claustrophobia was intense. This series of islands that make up the Maldives seems to be so scattered with some tiny places so you could easily get lost, become abandoned and find it hard to get to the mainland. Ideal place for a holiday but as I say, never go with the author in real life.


Congrats Nikki!!

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