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The book blog is a collection of thoughts and bookish musings about anything and everything to do with books. Book worms are invited to send an article or join us in a chat and we’d love to meet fellow booktrailers and post your stories here. This is the page for book giveaways, literary travel itineraries and bookish banter.

A mix of thoughts, opinions, literary travel tales to read when you’re deciding where to travel to next. A sort of literary departure lounge if you like!

Translation Day competition

  • Submitted: 16th August 2018

Translation Thursday is always a good day but when River Run tell you about their brilliant new series of translated books then it's even better! And they've given us a…

National Relaxation Day

  • Submitted: 15th August 2018

There's no better way to relax is there?  Reading a book and loosing yourself into a new time and place Another good thing to do to help you relax is…

Bookshop of the Month – Tynedale Hospice at Home

  • Submitted: 13th August 2018

A very special bookshop for August's Bookshop of the month. One I've visited many a time but was very pleasantly surprised to walk in this weekend and see that it…

Zoe Ball Book Club heads to Iceland

  • Submitted: 9th August 2018

Next week's star turn on the Zoe Ball BookClub is the wonderful tale of Icelandic history and folklore. There's so much wrapped up in this book, it's a joy to…

Books to cool you down

  • Submitted: 7th August 2018

Books can be very helpful on hot summer days. Hold them over your head for an instant piece of shade, spend time relaxing with one on a hammock, take shelter…

Featured Book

The Water Thief

2000s: A man volunteers abroad for a year but finds himself caught up in the desert’s lair

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