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What kind of a reader are you?

  • Submitted: 22nd August 2021

Types of readers to choose from

There are said to be some 4 kinds of readers. Claire from Ireland wrote to the BookTrail asking to share her little quiz with everyone to find out what kind of readers you are. So, answer the following questions and note down your answers.


What kind of a reader are you?



What do you carry with you at all times?

Your current read

Your current read and another one just in case

A list of books you wish to read/buy

Your kindle

BookTrail Brunch


What is your favourite film?


The Note Book

The Silence of the Lambs

The English Patient


BookTrail Brunch

Who is your favourite fictional detective? 


Sherlock Holmes




BookTrail Brunch

What’s your favourite season?





BookTrail Brunch

What kind of a reader are you?TheBookTrail.com/booktrails

Best way to spend a Friday night

Sofa and a book

TV box night

Out with friends at a pub or cafe

A noisy night on the town

BookTrail Brunch

Best way to start the day

Coffee, sandwich and a book

Nothing just get up and go

Orange juice and a cooked breakfast

Staying in bed until midday

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When something amazing or unexpected happens in a book, who do you want to tell first?

The character most in danger

Your best friend

Your boyfriend/girlfriend

Anyone who will listen

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If you ran out of books, what would you do?

Run out of books? Stop I can’t breathe


Don’t be daft

Unless I live on the moon, there is a bookshop or the internet close by


BookTrail BrunchTheBookTrail.com/booktrails

Add up your scores

If you choose mostly 1 –  You’re a reader who is  in touch with their feelings, loves the classics and if reading were an olumpic sport, you would get a gold medal

Mostly 2 –  You like to relax. Life is about reading and taking naps, thinking about books and living in fictional worlds. Quite right too.

Mostly 3 -You’re a bit like Vera – you like your morning routine and things you know you are going to enjoy reading but then again you also like a clug and going out with friends but only if you can read when you get home.

Mostly 4 –  A mixed bag of  a reader. You enjoy classics such as The English Patient and those epic reads, enjoy going out to a noisy club but you do love talking to anyone who will listen about your reading pleasures.  A great mix!


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