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Thriller set in Thailand – Emily Freud

  • Submitted: 15th May 2024

Her Last Summer

Thriller set in Thailand – Emily Freud

Two backpackers head to Thailand. One gets lost in the woods and never returns. The one that lives to tell the tale has gone quiet. He is suspected of killing the lost girl, his travelling companion. Now, many years later, he wants his story told and hires a video reporter to do it.

They head to Thailand to recreate some of the ‘scenes’ in the story. What could possibly go wrong?

Map of literary locations in Her Last Summer

Her Last Summer


Destination : Thailand

Author guide: Emily Freud

Genre: thriller

Food and drink to accompany: Thai food of course!




A novel to transport you to a backpacking holiday in Thailand

Map of literary locations in Her Last Summer

If you’ve read The Beach, the novel that started all other backpacking novels, then this has the power to send you right back.

The beaches, the sea, the boats to the island, the swimming, the hiking in the woods… all brilliantly described and evoked with style. The author captures the locations with ease – the full flavour of each location on display. It’s wonderful to be there with the characters. I’ve never been backpacking in Thailand but I now feel I have!

When the girl, Mari, goes missing, Luke her boyfriend and travel companion is suspected of being involved. Why would he want to tell his story years later? Well, Cassidy the film maker encourages him to open up. She sees dollar signs and the chance to prove herself with this story, the one story that deserves an ending. But is she ready to discover what really happened out there?

There are several POVS -Cassidy and Luke present day and then Luke’s diary from the past. The book moves on and we spend more time in Thailand. Oh THAT’s when things get a bit heavy and the tension ramps up. The parts when I was in that jungle alongside the characters was so vivid and real, I could feel the sweat down my back. Someone went missing in this forest  – who knows what I was going to find out I asked myself!

The ending was….haha didn’t see that coming! And then just when I thought the book was ending, one more page and WHOOSH, there’s that carpet being swept out underneath me. Haha well played Emma. Remind me never to go to Thailand with you though!

Map of literary locations in Her Last Summer


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