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The Escape Room set on an English Island – L. D. Smithson

  • Submitted: 12th February 2024

Escape Room – England

A thriller that has been described as a mix between Traitors and Squid Game. Now I haven’t seen either of these TV shows in their entirety but I have seen plenty of clips of both and – boy – if  even a tiny fraction of that makes this book then I knew it was going to be a heck of a read. I wasn’t wrong.

If a contestant loses a game, they aren’t just evicted – they are locked inside a room and left to die…

BookTrail the locations in The Escape Room

The Escape Room set on an English Island - L. D. Smithson

Boarding Pass Information : 

Destination : Well….an island….

Author guide:  L D Smithson

Genre: thriller

Food and drink to accompany: island rations




A novel to transport you to an island for a TV reality show

BookTrail the locations in The Escape Room

This is what you call a high concept thriller. Set on an island off the coast of England, immediately it feels claustrophobic and remote, hard to get to and even harder to escape. I felt vibes of ‘ And Then There Were None ; – I didn’t think anyone would get off this island alive.

Well, it kicks off and doesn’t stop kicking until the final page. I love a bit of reality TV gone bad and even though I have only seen snippets of most of these show, when I heard it had a bit of Squid Game and The Traitors in it, well, that had to be good!

I love the drama, the characters and the complex psychological theories which seem to make these TV shows. Why do people go on them in the first place? It all fascinates me for sure. This felt fresh and exciting. I went into it not even having done an Escape Room experience although I have heard a lot about them. So, think they will stay in books after this one!

The entire premise was a whole lot of fun. Glad I don’t know people like those in the story haha. I loved to hate most of them but they were all so bad and with more ulterior motives than you could shake a stick at.

What I really found good about this book were the puzzles. I do love a brain teaser and this has some good ones dotted along the plot. Ok, so there are some parts of the story that seemed far fetched but that just made me love it more!

A great fun read and a reason not to go to mix islands with Escape rooms in real life.


BookTrail the locations in The Escape Room



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