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The Booktrail Literary Travel Agency is open!

  • Submitted: 24th January 2016

We’re very proud today to show you what we’ve been working on – a revamp and more interactive booktrail.

It’s the Booktrail Literary Travel Agency!

Travel the world with books

We’ve travelled for years with books and novels and notes scribbled in diaries and notebooks – we’re slowly going through them and putting them into the new format so now booktrailers all around the world can travel with novels and literary map guides – online!
We really hope you love exploring the site – there’s a good selection there to start off with but we’ll be adding all the time so it is a work in progress. We’ve covered many countries, cities and islands so wherever you travel -either for real or in your armchair, there’s a good range of places to go.

Your Literary holiday awaits…


both real and fictional (Ann Cleeves Mardle is in there) as is  Agatha Christie’s St Mary Mead!


What about a book set in a large house? On an island? Maybe you fancy a stay in a hotel? We’ve selected the main setting of each book for a novel way to search. There’s books set in bookshops as well which is our favourite!

Your Travel Guide and Booktrail Boarding Pass

The author is your travel guide so pick an author and see where they take you! Like a real traveller, they each have a Booktrail Boarding Pass with their information on it. We hope you love the new site and we’re really looking forward to creating more maps and helping to spread the literary wanderlust and have your trails featured too!

A book map to cover the world…..All thanks to Passepartout from the Jules Verne novel Around the World in 80 Days. This is what he started and inspired.

With one million thanks to the fantastic team at web design and development agency Union Room who are the most amazing and creative team we could have wished for. This is their vision as much as it is ours.

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