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The Bookish Delights of Stirling

  • Submitted: 11th September 2022

The Bookish Delights of Stirling

Bloody Scotland is on for four days. LOTS of books to be bought and read during this time. There is of course a festival bookshop on site BUT don’t forget these two bookish delights whatever you do.

The Bookish Delights of Stirling

Bookshops of Stirling


What a perfect name for a haven of bookish loveliness. I love the story behind this store.  Two friends who met at Stirling University, graduated in 2016 with a dream to open a bookstore. The doors opened in September 2020 so it’s their second anniversary! All the more reason to go in and say hello whilst buying a book or two. They sell both new and second hand AND cake AND coffee so what are you waiting for?

The Book Nook is intended to be a casual and cosy space for people across all stages of life to immerse themselves in the comfort of fictional stories with a good cuppa.

Stirling Books

This lovely place is currently closed and hopes to reopen in April, but you can go for book drop-ins and for deliveries for now.

It’s described as a second-hand bookshop which specialises in rare and antiquarian books. They talk about a ‘rustic bookshop experience’ which seems to involve a good cup of coffee, a cosy sofa and a selection of unique curiosities.

I really hope this shop opens soon as I would LOVE to go and spend time there. It sounds idyllic so please open again soon. You can order books from them on line here.

The Bookish Delights of Stirling

Bookshops of Stirling and Bloody Scotland locations

Other stores in Stirling include

Waterstones – Unit 1, Thistle Marches, Stirling FK8 2EA

Oxfam –  79 Murray Place, Stirling FK8 1AU

The Works –  28 Thistle Centre, Stirling FK8 2EA


Happy Book shopping!

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