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Stranger’s Companion set on SARK

  • Submitted: 7th June 2024

The Stranger’s Companion – SARK

A mystery novel set on SARK you say?

A novel based on a true life mystery you say?

One with a classic cover just dying to be opened?

Map of locations in The Stranger’s Companion


Destination : Sark

Author guide: Mary Horlock

Genre: cosy crime

Food and drink to accompany: tea and crumpets




A novel to transport you to 


Map of locations in The Stranger’s Companion

This was intriguing from the off – a mystery novel set on Sark. A location I have not read much about and one I have never been to in real life. The author takes us back to the island in the 1930s, and it’s a place, an island community she knows well having grown up there.

The real life crime happens in 1933 and starts when a pile of clothes is found on the beach. There are so many questions of course and you know from the start that the crime remains unsolved to this day. However, the book is very clever as it reads like a tourist guide in parts when there are snippets to showcase the island alongside stories of the island’s residents. There’s flashbacks and even a few ghostly stories so it felt like reading and sharing a story around a campfire. Add to this the updates of what the investigation reveals and you have quite the story!

I admit to loving the story but what I really loved was the look at the island of Sark. An island community, an island of secrets but also stunning beauty. The rawness of the land and the way it shaped the people on it was compelling reading. It’s somewhere I have not really thought about or read about much before so this book was a real eye- opener. I want to visit now, it has that magic that has started the wanderlust juices flowing.

Map of locations in The Stranger’s Companion


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