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Spy novel set in Warsaw – Blood Roses

  • Submitted: 1st March 2024

Spy novel set in Warsaw – Blood Roses

A spy novel with a fresh look at the late 1930s and the Nazi invasion of Warsaw.

Wartime drama and lots of political intrigue…ready to travel?

BookTrail the locations in Blood Roses

Spy novel set in Warsaw - Blood Roses


Boarding Pass Information 

Destination : Warsaw

Author guide: Douglas Jackson

Genre: historical, spy

Food and drink to accompany: rations




A novel to transport you to wartime Poland

BookTrail the locations in Blood Roses

When I read books set in wartime, they are largely set in Germany. I like books set in Poland in the late 1930s as they give a new insight and added drama. I immediately liked investigator Jan Kalisz. He’s war-wounded but is working with the resistance – having been drawn into working for the Nazis as an interpreter. No one who knows him realises the role he is playing. As the reader, of course we do, and this proves to be a really well written insight in to war. The level of violence is horrifying and to be part of that, even in book form, is raw.

It was unusual to be immersed in occupied Poland but I felt I learned a lot. There is danger all around and shadows creeping ever closer. Kalisz is a well-drawn character and I look forward to reading him more in future books. I admired him for how he played both roles and kept secrets that must have almost killed him.

Something that both scared and impressed me – the notoriously evil Mengele features as a fully-fledged character and even to read about him ‘alive and committing his crimes’ in fiction, felt raw and emotional.

A series I look forward to reading more of!

BookTrail the locations in Blood Roses


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