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Romance set in Dorset’s Kittiwake Cove

  • Submitted: 19th April 2024

Romance set in Dorset’s Kittwake Cove

A ray of sunshine in book form.

Dorset and Barcelona here I come!

Kittwake Cove might be fictional but it’s not when you visit with Heidi Swain!

Map of literary locations in The Holiday Escape

Romance set in Dorset's Kittwake Cove


Destination : Dorset and Barcelona

Author guide: Heidi Swain

Genre: romance

Food and drink to accompany: ooh you just wait!




A novel to transport you to Kittiwake Cove


Map of literary locations in The Holiday Escape

The locations of this book were just delightful. Barcelona was a treat, but the book immerses you more into Dorset and the fictional Kittwake Cove and I was all for that. Kittiwake Cove is that place you would immediately go to if it were real. I could see it, imagine the characters passing the time with each other, feel the sand on my toes and it even got me craving ice cream and I don’t even like it!

I felt this was sunshine in a book. That cover for one is just a breath of fresh air, especially with all the rain the UK is getting at the moment.

This is a romance and there are some funny scenes in it ( I’m looking at you Kasuku the parrot) but what warmed my heart was the way it looked at personal and relevant topics such as the loss of something, searching for that feeling of home and belonging and the death of a parent. A skilled author has to weave all of this together to ensure readers come away with smiles in their hearts and Heidi Swain does just that.

Heidi’s books are a real tonic. I read my fair share of crime fiction and thrillers but books like this made me smile and realise the wealth of stories we have to share.  The Holiday Escape touched me and  although I did consume double the calories whilst reading all those delicious descriptions of food, I would still read the next book from this author haha. If I could go on a picnic with Logan, that would be most welcome!

With crafting snippets in there too, this book seemed to speak to me on more than one level.

A true escape indeed!

Map of literary locations in The Holiday Escape


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