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May’s Book (Trail) of the Month

  • Submitted: 2nd June 2021

Books in May with travelling potential

May’s Book (Trail) of the Month – It’s hard picking a favourite book. It’s like picking a favourite child. Some books however really do make it hard for you to think about other books and they often give you a book hangover where it’s very hard to read anything else immediately afterwards.

Looking back over the month of May, there’s been a standout book that just has to be highlighted. Many books are read each month here at BookTrail Towers and so it’s time to pick one a month that has particularly evoked a strong sense of place and a wonderful BookTrail literary guide.


May’s Book (Trail) of the Month

BookTrail of the Month

This is to celebrate the book of the past month that will put a huge smile on a BookTrailer’s face, one that will take you to a new place or show you a new way of looking  at one you have been before.

Drum roll please……..

Ok so a bit more drumroll as this is exciting………………

This nomination comes with virtual hugs for the author and an also virtual glass of something sparkling…..


So, Book of the Month for May was……..

Novel set in Andalucia - Shadows over the Spanish Sun


Why this won: May’s Book (Trail) of the Month

Excellent sense of place

Gorgeous cover that really reflects the setting within

Writing that evokes the five senses

A visit to one place over two distinct time lines

A unique portrayal of the country and its people during the Civil War

Warm and fully fleshed characters who were realistic and lovely to get to know

There was a sense of book hangover at the end of reading this.

A fascinating historical period with a new angle on a well-documented historical period

Read the full BookTrail review of Shadows Over the Spanish Sun here

BookTrail Shadows over the Spanish Sun and its locations here


BookTrail of the Month

Congratulations Caroline Montague!


BookTrail Boarding Pass: Shadows Over the Spanish Sun

Twitter:   @MontagueAuthor   Web : /www.carolinemontague.co.uk/

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