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Historical fiction set in London

  • Submitted: 19th April 2024

The Grand Illusion – Syd Moore

Historical fiction inspired by the War Office response to the Nazi obsession with the occult…

Now is that not enough to want to make you read this!?

Map of locations in The Grand Illusion

Historical fiction set in London


Destination : London

Author guide: Syd Moore

Genre: historical fiction

Food and drink to accompany: surprise!




A novel to transport you to Wormwood scrubs and the theatre!


Map of locations in The Grand Illusion

When you come across a novel that is inspired by the Nazi’s interest in the occult, well, it’s a given read isn’t it. You have to read a novel inspired by this as it’s something that is so odd and unusual I can honestly say I have never read a novel based on it before.

The story unfolds at a nice pace and I was drawn into the world of magic and the occult from the start. I was very interested in keep in mind that this was happening in war time. What a mix! The true and very strange facts (further outlines in the author note) shows just what a fascinating history this was. We go from a theatre in London to Wormwood Scrubs prison and then off to Fareham Castle and the New Forest. Locations are key and reveal not just a good story but a fascinating hidden story of history!

The characters were strong, the story too but it’s the way the author weaved so many threads together that won me over. To include so many details and locations,  yet still managed to create a fully-developed story with a nod to the fascinating yet dark past….just magical.


Map of locations in The Grand Illusion


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