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Guilty by Definition set in Oxford – Susie Dent

  • Submitted: 8th July 2024

Guilty by Definition – Susie Dent

Defination of the story: Martha’s sister went missing. Now, someone is sending word puzzles and riddles to her colleagues at the Clarendon English Dictionary. And they seem to suggest that they know what happened…..

Map of locations in Guilty by Definition

Guilty by Definition set in Oxford - Susie Dent


Destination : Oxford

Author guide: Susie Dent

Genre: fiction, mystery

Food and drink to accompany: Alphabetti spaghetti and love hearts




A novel to transport you to the world of dictionaries and words


Map of locations in Guilty by Definition

I have always  wanted Susie Dent to write a book. Like her, I have had a fascination with words and their sounds, history and makeup since speech therapy at the age of five. I now work in five languages as I love the shape of words ( Synaesthesia) and colours of them too. So, no one will be surprised that I have Susie’s books on words but have always wanted a novel.

Now it’s here!! And better than that, it’s brilliant!

I have had the most fun reading this mystery about a group of lexicographers working for Clarendon Dictionary in Oxford. I have never wanted to be in a novel or to make friends with the characters as much before.

Peeking inside the world of the dictionary was a lot of fun. Oxford is the ideal and indeed only setting as well, it’s the city of words. This mystery unfolds and takes us through a trail into the past as well as the present. The world of words, their history, meaning and nuances comes into play in the best way possible and it was so much fun. I feel the novel was written for me!

As letters arrive at the dictionary offices, they take Marth’s colleagues on a journey of discovery. Oh this was so much fun. Very cleverly done and for word buffs like me, oh you are going to LOVE IT.

Every chapter is introduced by words with a story. There’s lots of new words to learn in the novel too.

A feast for all the word fans, puzzle fanatics full of  linguistical delights!

Map of locations in Guilty by Definition


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