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Destination of the Month – North America

  • Submitted: 4th July 2018

Canada has just celebrated its 151th Birthday and today is Independence Day in the USA, so what better time to celebrate all that is North American and Canadian in the book world?

What can books teach us about these two countries?

Canada week on the booktrail

Destination Canada

The Theatres -Whenever you’re ready

Meet Stage Manager, Nora Polley talks about her 52 years working for the Stratford Festival. This woman has seen it all – through years of Canadian theatrical history. 

First Nations history and heritage – Moon of the Crusted Snow

There’s many discussions about how First Nations and Canadians in general can live alongside each other, respect each other and bring their unique culture to form something very special indeed. In this book, a lot of these struggles is turned on its head. What happens when the white people, the outsiders come into this story? What do the First nations do and how do they cope with their new struggles? Now they are the ones who can help others..

The stunning scenery- 105 Hikes in and around South Western British Columbia

You can’t beat Canada for its stunning outdoor landscapes. One man hikes and treks to show you the best.

Quebec – A country within a country, a unique language and dialect – Fishing Communities 

Quebec is an amazing mix of all that is good about Canada – great people, great food and a love of history, language and heritage that seeps into the arts in a way not seen elsewhere. The French language has a unique spin to it and the lovely communities dotted around the rural areas in particular….very welcoming indeed. We Were the Salt of the Sea delves into one of those small fishing communities and captures the very essence of life there. Plus read the Louise Penny novels for a delightful take on small town mysteries

A constitutional monarchy and a young and vibrant PM – The Canadian Kingdom

Now over the good ol US of A:

USA flag

USA flag

Destination USA

Texarkana (Texarkana is a town on the border of Texas and Arkansas.)

A unique setting in the USA and featured in two of the Rod Reynolds novels. Stories of hit men, gangsters and more written by a Brit with a keen sense of the American Dream and also the nightmare. Real life infamous figures such as Bugsy Siegel are woven into cracking crime stories.

The good old days – Sherlock Holmes in the USA

There have been important stages in the American story – The Gold Rush, the Depression, the San Fransisco earthquakes. Real life events which affected the country as a whole and helped shape it into what it is today.  This set of novels takes  a very British Sherlock Holmes and his wife and places him at pivotal events. Locked rooms focuses on San Franscisco…

Race relations in the deep south

There are many stories about the injustices suffered by black people in the USA and the history of slavery is well known. This book, The Mercy Seat looks at  race relations in the southern USA in the 1940s when a black man is accused of attacking a white girl. Let’s not forget the classic To Kill a Mocking Bird

The USA president – controversial in real life and now in this book

What happens when a former USA president gets together with one of the country’s best known crime writers? This.

Los Angeles – Michael Connolly 

The city of Dreams becomes the city of demons when Michael Connolly is around. See behind the glittering facade


Books set in Canada here

Books set in the USA here


Happy Canada Day and Happy 4th July!

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