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Day One set in the Lake District – Abigail Dean

  • Submitted: 26th February 2024

Day One in the Lake District

Day One is a tough read. It’s about a school shooting and its aftermath. Set in the Lake District, this is the story of school tragedies such as Dunblane and Sandy Hook. It’s not the easiest of reads but such an horrific tale set in the picturesque Lake District was worth a read. Plus, it’s Abigail Dean. I remember Girl A. I wanted to read her second.

BookTrail the locations in Day One

Day One set in the Lake District - Abigail Dean


Boarding Pass Information : 

Destination : Lake District, UK

Author guide: Abigail Dean

Genre: fiction

Food and drink to accompany: nothing, you will feel sick at times




BookTrail the locations in Day One

Wow that was a tough read. It brought back all the news stories about Dunblane and Sandy Hook. Children performing on stage and then a gunman enters and …well, you don’t need me to spell it out. What Abigail Dean does well is to describe and explore the aftermath and introduce the fact that there are conspiracy theories popping up left right and centre.

The conspiracy theory angle was very interesting. A journalist goes about trying to research the fact that there might be more to this than people can see at first. This is one very taut thriller with an added slap in the face. It floored me. So much story and complex characters, reasoning and all happening in the nicest settings in the Lake District just made it all the more horrific if that were possible. Every body knows the small villages, lovely lakes and just gorgeous countryside, so to even imagine something in such stark contrast to this is just mind-blowing.

Abigail Dean has really delivered on this one. Complex characters and a multiple POV picture of the aftermath of a tragedy really brings this to another level. Day One sounds so innocent as a title but wow, wait until it brings you full circle.

If a book could punch you in the face, this is it.

BookTrail the locations in Day One


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