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Crime fiction set in Sweden – Sofie Sarenbrant

  • Submitted: 22nd November 2023

Crime fiction set in Sweden – Sofie Sarenbrant

This is the 8th book in a very good crime series in Sweden. Not yet translated into English but on the strength of the cover alone, I think it should be! Plot is pretty gripping too ūüėČ

This is a series about the fearless DI Emma Sk√∂ld and this time she’s investigating youth crimes and there are some very dark moments in this book. The title¬†Mytomanen roughly translates as ‘Compulsive liar’ so you can guess where this book is going…..

BookTrail the locations in Mytomanen

Crime fiction set in Sweden - Sofie Sarenbrant


Boarding Pass Information : Mytomanen

Destination : Sweden

Author guide: Sofie Sarenbrant

Genre: crime fiction

Food and drink to accompany: something meaty!




A novel to transport you to a Swedish school


BookTrail the locations in Mytomanen

After school one day, a boy is found dead in the woods. He’s been there for some time as the animals have got to him and there signs that he’s been robbed. The police are keen to find out what on earth happened but suspect it might be linked to the spate of robberies carried out by a gang of youths in Bromma.

This is a tricky case from the start but one¬†Emma Sk√∂ld can more than tackle.¬† She’s a solitary woman – no time for a partner, she’s pretty much married to the job. She goes into this case full speed but it’s one that disturbs her as it’s about violence and murder amongst young boys mainly.

Some unsettling issues raised in this book. Violence in schools, social media, parenting in the social media age and how children in school feel the pressure of fitting in with their peers. I found the facts and case gripping as were the personal relations between various characters. Gave the novel a fuller feel and I admit, a bit of a respite from the school violence.

This cover gave me ‘Silence of the Lambs vibes’ and whilst it’s not that, it’s very striking. A good example of a cover making me pick up a book. It’s a work of art! And judging by this book, the rest of the series will soon be purchased.

Hope it’s translated one day!

BookTrail the locations in Mytomanen


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