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Books to watch out for in January

  • Submitted: 15th December 2021

Books out in January to keep a watch for, There's a HUGE pile of books with publishing dates of January at BookTrail Towers. There are…

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When a book makes you mad

  • Submitted: 29th November 2021

Do books make you feel extreme emotions? I am going through  a book trauma at the moment. The book is really good, the characters compelling,…

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Book Your Next Literary Meal

  • Submitted: 19th November 2021

If you could order books in restaurants Book Your Next Literary Meal - Imagine the scene for a moment.  You are hungry for a new…

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Bookcovers to Covet

  • Submitted: 12th November 2021

Book covers that shine There has been some stunning artwork on book covers this year and I felt compelled to mention a few of them…

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Whistling novel set in Scotland – Rebecca Netley

  • Submitted: 27th September 2021

A Whistling stop tour to Scotland If it’s a spooky story you are after, then this is the one for you! Whispers in corridors, whistling…

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