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Reading habits during Covid

  • Submitted: 3rd April 2020

Isolation reading To say these are tricky times is an understatement. Reading can be a joy as you can really escape from the world right…

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Books set in Belgravia country

  • Submitted: 31st March 2020

Books which transport you to places like Belgravia Belgravia country is of course the setting and ambiance similar to that in which the novel Belgravia…

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BookTrail Travels in April – Isolation special

  • Submitted: 29th March 2020

Books launching in isolation These are worrying times. Dangerous times. I feel for those on the front line of the NHS, those working in supermarkets…

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Books set in South America

  • Submitted: 24th March 2020

Travel with a bookish passport this Travel Tuesday This is the best time to travel to South America. An entire continent of books and new…

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Novel set in a summer in Provence – Lucy Coleman

  • Submitted: 23rd March 2020

A summer in Provence, France? What could be better than a Summer in Provence? Not much when you think about it. However, when you have…

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