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Book set in Mallorca – A Summer Reunion – Fanny Blake

  • Submitted: 15th June 2019

A Summer Reunion in Mallorca

You can always rely on Fanny Blake to transport you to a sunny location in her novels. That’s just the start however as her books are insights into relationships, friendships and the lifes of her female protagonists. She’s like a puppet master – with a handful of women placed in tricky situations or at a cross roads in their lives, and coming together to talk and reflect.

Of course that’s not all, as the emotional chapters and issues will testify. Fanny writes with heart and soul and it shows. Her books always contain something we can all relate to.

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Book set in Mallorca - A Summer Reunion - Fanny Blake

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Another fascinating and insightful read from Fanny Blake! There’s a sunny location to enjoy but this books has lots of depth and hidden shadows as four friends gather in a Mallorcan villa

What I love about Fanny Blake’s books is the way she takes very ordinary older women and gets inside their minds, lives and makes them open up to the world. Sometimes older women in fiction aren’t given prime story lines but these characters have them in bucket loads. There’s some secrets amongst this lot. Just when you think four women approaching a landmark birthday might be enjoying the quiet life!

Amy’s husband is cheating the company and cheating on her, Kate has two husbands on the go. One is an ex – but he’s very much in the present! And as for Linda and Jane! It’s all very Housewives of Mallorca if there was such a programme. They could fill several episodes and then some.

Joking aside, the story gathers them at a villa in Mallorca, a gorgeous setting far away from their hum drums lives to open up and relax, think about what they want in live, and to reconnect not just with themselves but with each other. The idea of going to such a gorgeous village sounds lovely and it would help anyone sort their head out. But secrets even come out here…

Fanny is a writer who writes from the heart and puts real-life, realistic women in difficult and challenging situations. It goes to show how important female friends are! And that the phrase – a woman is like a teabag – you don’t know how wrong she really is until she’s placed in hot water is very apt here.

Oh and just one more thing – I really must go to Soller market and buy the ensaimaidas!

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