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Best booktrail of the Month for July 2022

  • Submitted: 1st August 2022

Best booktrail of the Month for July 2022

July  is over and it’s time to tell you what book has won The BookTrail’s Book of the Month award!

The BookTrail has travelled to London to find out what bonesetting is, been on a retreat to an island off the coast of Devon and even stayed in a cabin in the woods. There’s been a getaway on a luxury yacht to Greece and a visit to the ass -infused pubs of Paris. Which is the most booktrail worthy book for fellow travellers though?


BookTrail of the Month

Why this won July’s Book (Trail) of the Month

It’s set in a cabin in the woods

It’s not your usual setting for a novel of this kind. No Scandi location here  but upstate New York!

It’s creepy and chilling


That cover is just wonderful!

Drum roll please…..


BookTrail of the Month


The plot: 

How did a wealthy socialite go from an impoverished upbringing to being a wealthy socialite to now hiding in an abandoned cabin in the woods. . .?

The city is mentioned a bit in the novel but most of the action takes place around Westchester and the Hardness Wilderness area which is desolte and remote…. Perfect for a cabin holiday or is it…

The nice location:

Hardscrabble wildnerness area

Hardness is a wonderful place just outside of New York. 2.9-km loop trail near Briarcliff Manor

The main trail is an easy route, and takes an average of 49 min to complete. It’s a popular trail for hiking, mountain biking, and snowshoeing and is a very nice spot to visit and spend most of the day there!


WINNER!!!!!!      BookTrail locations in The Cabin in the Woods 

Cabin in the woods set in New York state - Sarah Alderson


BookTrail locations in The Cabin in the Woods 


Congrats Sarah!


BookTrail locations in The Cabin in the Woods 

Read the full review of The Cabin in the Woods by Sarah Alderson

Twitter:  (@sarahalderson Web:  https://sarahalderson.com/

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