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Best BookTrail of the Month – February 2024

  • Submitted: 27th February 2024

Best BookTrail of the Month

So, where was the best place to go in February 2024 with a book or via a book?

Well there was one that took us places you LEAST expect. And what a journey it was!


This is a magical read. One where there is a special set of books with amazing powers for whoever owns them.  A bookseller is given one when a customer dies. But this book has powers she has yet to discover. And someone is after that book, those powers, and her….

When she opens the book of doors, she can go to anywhere in the world she can imagine….for real. The book is a door onto the world….


book-of-doors 1

Map of locations in the novel here

Review of A Book of Doors here


I was a fantasy sceptic before reading this book. It helps that I can map it out since it’s set in very real places in New York, London and New Orleans to name but a few places. However, this world is so well explained and  constructed that by the end I found it hard NOT to believe. The characters are spellbinding, the plot twisty and magical and the whole experience has made me sit back and go ‘wow’.

Fitting that a story about special powers about books has  left me with a love  and appreciation of the special powers of books.

All hail The Book of Doors set in New York City – Gareth Brown

Congratulations Gareth !


BookTrail Boarding Pass: The Book of Doors

Twitter:  @GarethJohnBrown  Web: www.garethbrownbooks.com/

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