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Bad Tourists set in the Maldives

  • Submitted: 20th June 2024

Bad Tourists – Maldives  – Caro Carver

Bad Tourists set in the Maldives – This is one heck of a trip – both in terms of what goes on in your head when you read it and secondly the fact it’s set in the Maldives. What a ride! haha

Strap in for the journey – it’s going to be a bumpy one….

A group of friends head to the Maldives to celebrate one of them getting divorced…..

Map of locations in Bad Tourists

Bad Tourists set in the Maldives


Destination : MALDIVES

Author guide: Caro Carver

Genre: thriller

Food and drink to accompany: cocktails!




A novel to transport you to the MALDIVES


Map of locations in Bad Tourists

This book had the most interesting opening. When the 30 year old characters in this novel were in their twenties, there was a school group massacre. Kate of the groups found the victims dead at a guesthouse but this was in 2001 so the world remembers 9/11 and not this awful day. Not surprisingly, she is still suffering from what she saw that day. She bonds with the other women in the holiday group as they all suffered after that day. This is a group of women who share, albeit a horrible experience, one that bonds them.

A holiday to the Maldives then sounds ideal – Sapphire Island sounds amazing. Sadly it’s not real but it sounds so lovely that if any of the real life resorts is half as good, I am on the next plane. Without what happens next of course….

The 22nd anniversary of that day is approaching so to mark it away from the familiar surroundings is ideal. However, wait until you meet the honeymoon couple! This anniversary is going to be one they will never forget.

This was such a ride! The twists and build up were brilliant and even though I suspected one part, it was so worth the journey. Paradise has never felt so dark and the setting really added a sense of foreboding to the overall feel of the story.

Oh to lie on a beach in the Maldives and read this, looking around at anyone that might reassemble the women in my head….

Map of locations in Bad Tourists


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