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A Person is a Prayer – Kenya, India and London

  • Submitted: 9th May 2024

A Person is a Prayer – Ammar Kalia

“A Person is a Prayer plumbs the depths of the spaces between family members and the silence that rushes in like a flood when communication deteriorates. It is about how short a life is and how the choices we make can ripple down generations.”

Map of locations in A Person is a Prayer



Destination : India, Kenya to London

Author guide: Ammar Kalia

Genre: literary fiction





Map of locations in A Person is a Prayer

A poignant and thought provoking read.  A story about family, relationships, migration and what it means to feel at home.

I loved the title from the start and that’s what got me wanting to read this. What did it mean? I wanted to know. It sounded thoughtful and ethereal. Something poignant and heartfelt. Well, it was. The story of migration and cultural ties, what home represents and what we do in the search of happiness was like reading poetry.

This book was clever as it explored all of this whilst going from one person to the next, as if in a thought process. Skimming over the heads of many as they walked to a new life, then seeping into their hearts. I found this a very clever technique of telling this story. I got to know the people on a deep and meaningful level and it moved me. Bedi and Sushma are the two you meet at the start and I do wish their story had been stronger as the novel progressed. I got very attached to them!

This book read like I was sitting down on the sofa with these people and each of them in turn, came over and sat beside me, photo album in hand, a memory to share and a scent to recall. They then left without but I could still feel their presence long after someone else had taken their spot on the sofa.

A Person is Prayer will stay with you. A scrapbook and a poem wrapped in a story.

Map of locations in A Person is a Prayer


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