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A Little Trickerie set in Tudor England

  • Submitted: 24th June 2024

A Little Trickerie – Rosanna Pike

“Make your own paradise, Tibb, since this world is no sweet place for people like us.”

And so we meet Tibb and discover her world and her journey in it. This is Tudor England. No place for a woman.

But this little vagabond has one more trick up her sleeve.

Map of locations in A Little Trickerie

A Little Trickerie set in Tudor England



Destination : Tudor England

Author guide: Rosanna Pike

Genre: historical

Food and drink to accompany: pie, mash and cider




A novel to transport you to Tudor England


Map of locations in A Little Trickerie

This novel is like a time travel machine wrapped up between two covers. The style of writing is quite diary-esque and it reads like a series of vignettes and mini stories about this girl called Tibb. The daugher of a vagabond has to learn how to survive when her mother dies. She then becomes the travelling trickster and this book is the journey of discovery she goes on.

The location and settings are the story themselves as we travel though medieval England. Tibb meets a series of characters, good and bad. The challenge is of course, to tell who is who. This travelling aspect of the novel really appealed and not just for obvious reasons. I liked the way the landscape told part of the story and I saw a clear picture of Tibb in silhouetted walking to the horizon, the globe spinning beneath her.

Tibb’s voice and manner were both very strong and unique to what I have read before. This is a girl who has power and strength in every bone in her body. What she has to do to survive is understandable, but her attitude to life is admirable. She has a world to navigate  – well several in fact – that of Tudor England, the world of adults and the world of men for starters.

What a neat little novel this was. I saw it play out like a puppet theatre in my mind. All expertly crafted and beguiling. Highs and lows, funny and sad – this novel plays with your emotions, showcases tricks and the life of a traveller but also shows the human condition in its many forms. To show that no matter the time or place, we all share basic human needs and emotions.

Tibb I miss you already.

Map of locations in A Little Trickerie


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