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  • Location: Paris, Cap D'Antibes, Vienna, London

The Paris Secret

The Paris Secret

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Various: A story based on a real life mystery of a forgotten Paris apartment

  • ISBN: 978-1447280699
  • Genre: Fiction, Mystery

What you need to know before your trail

Flora is an arts dealer and she travels all over the world to procure expensive paintings for super wealthy clients. One day she discovers a secret, the secret of a forgotten apartment in Paris that holds many valuable works of art.

She starts sorting through the paintings and realises that the apartment contains more than just art works. She herself discovers things that even the family don’t know. It’s both an exciting discovery but a dangerous one and she doesn’t know how the family will react when they find out the real truth

Someone in the family seems intent on forcing her out of their affairs. But why? And what are they afraid she might find?

Travel Guide

Paris – the real life mystery apartment

There really was an apartment which was discovered in Paris full of works of art and secrets like the one in the novel. The real apartment was covered in the press at the time and Karen was obviously so captivated by this that the novel came from this tiny seed in her mind. It was owned by a Mrs de Florian who died aged ninety but who had fled the south of France before the 2WW

The real apartment was found between the Pigalle and Opera area of the city,a real life sleeping beauty.

Vienna – Art Gallery

This is the place to find the great works of art and the museums to spend hours wandering around seeing if you can find Flora on her travels too.

London – Christie’s

London is the place for the excitement of the Auction houses. To hear the hammer fall on some of the most valuable works of art which exist.


There is a link to the Antibes which takes Flora further into the family’s secrets. For a  really artistic link, the Picasso Museum is well worth a visit.

Booktrailer Review

Susan: @thebooktrailer

This book is just a perfect mix for me. I love getting lost in Paris, I love sorting through boxes of old things, dusting off history and rediscovering the past so this book allowed me to do all of these and more.

I remember reading the articles in the press at the time and then found this book practically took me back to that moment of wonder and awe but allowed me to wallow in it for quite some time. Karen Swan thank you.

Just imagine how it would feel to find such a treasure!? I was totally captivated by this and just kept reading and reading. The art work, I could really see, and touch.The smell of the dust in the apartment drowned out but the overriding excitement of what I’d found. The danger and secrets within the family…..I wasn’t leaving this book until I’d finished. Who cares about real life when you have worlds like this to escape into?
The locations are like an artistic tour around Europe. You can smell the painting, feel the dust with your fingers and feel the same amazement as the characters when they unravel the secrets within.

Karen – Thank all the stars in the world that you read about this apartment of treasures and so decided to  weave it into a novel like this.

Lovely lovely lovely.

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Author/Guide: Karen Swan  Destination: Paris, Antibes, London, Vienna  Departure Time: Various

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