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Summer at Tiffany’s

Summer at Tiffany’s

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2000s: A wedding to plan. A wedding to stop. What could go wrong? This is the sequel to Christmas at Tiffanys

  • ISBN: 978-1447280194
  • Genre: Fiction, Romance

What you need to know before your trail

Cassie and Henry are in love and about to get married. All they have to do is plan the wedding. But that’s when the problems start as as soon as Henry pushes for  date, Cassie seems to pull back.

Meanwhile, Henry’s young cousin Gem is also getting married and she already has her date and venue  – the Cornish church where her parents were wed. However the family is dead set against it, and Cassie resolves to stop the wedding from going ahead.

Henry then announces he’ll be away for the summer – sailing the Pacific on an expedition. So Cassie sets off on her mission of sorts to Cornwall, and to give her time to think about things.

But that Cornish charm is about to have an effect on her she will never forget.

Travel Guide

Following the make overs in various locations of the first book, this is a lot more sedate on the travelling front taking place mainly in the cool sandy coves of Cornwall.
Old friends from the past are back – Cassie now living with Henry in London, with her disastrous first marriage behind her but this first marriage is holding her back from making the final commitment to her new man. Working for a gourmet hamper company, life is good though but the word commitment terrifies her. Henry often works away and it’s on one of his expeditions to the Pacific that Cassie gets the chance to think about what she wants in life.

Contrast this worry and holding back with Gem who having returned from travelling in distant lands shines with the enthusiasm and the love of a surfer dude that is an infectious as it is annoying. Cassie feels dull compared to her.

So, to the magic of Cornwall to sort everybody out. The story twists and turns like those country lanes, with events and shocks jumping out at you like random branches of the wayward roadside hedges. There’s even a good old Cornish festival thrown in for good measure.

Some tumbledown ruins were all that remained of the historic tin mines Cornwall had been so famed for in centuries past..

“…the vast, domed moorlands of Cornwall which sloped down to the sea in the distance.”

Heading up to Cornwall with its significance for Gem’s parents who were married there but also for the pure and unspoilt isolation it offers – time to think and to relax away from the pressures of life is just what Cassie needs.

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